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From technology wise, there are two types of TFT LCD technology. For industrial application, the TN technology is most commonly because most of TFT LCD are available in the landscape mode where the industrial customers mostly have the display designed in this orientation on the end product. The major advantage of TN display is the stable supply longevity and excellent quality level against different working, but the shortcoming is the limited viewing angle normally from 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock. However, with the popular trend of Smartphones, there are more and more IPS TFT also available in the industrial display market. The IPS TFT has the bigger improvement on the viewing angle which can reach min. 80 degree for four major angles, so people sometimes call them “full viewing” display. The IPS TFT gives customer more flexibility to place the display in any direction due to its wide viewing advantage. However, the supply longevity is normally shorter than the industrial TN display which could impact the lifecycle of the product and possibility to experience the redesign of the end product. Therefore, Taimates Enterprise have a good knowledge and background to suggest the most suitable IPS TFT products with good supply stability and quality level for our customers. Below are the key features between TN and IPS TFT:



■ 5~7 years supply longevity
■ Transmissive & Transflective type
■ Normally white
■ Viewing angles: max. 70/70/50/70
■ Wide temp range: -20°C~ +70°C or higher


■ 3~5 years supply longevity
■ Transmissive
■ Normally black
■ Viewing angles: min. 80/80/80/80
■ Wide temp range: +0°C~ +50°C or -20°C~ +70°C


responsive and constructive feedback, flexible and accurate design capability


persistence on quality by design system, continuous pursuit on quality improvement


build up stable partnership with customers, establish trusty collaboration in supply chain.


provide the precise judgement in product design, catch up the market pace by technology upgrade.

Joint Venture partnership

Strong partnership with the professional module maker as well as the sub-component suppliers

Full Automatic assembly line

Full automatic machine from glass drop in, IC-boding to FOG piece as one stop assembly.

International quality criteria certified

Strictly ISO-certified quality system and the excellent quality supporting analysis tools

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