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Application for LCD modules & Touch display screen

Our LCD/LCM products can be suitable for being designed in the below applications

Medical instrument

Medical instrument

Our engineering team has years of experience working with the medical customers for their instrumental displays and touch displays. Our high-resolution of TFT LCD modules can be combined with both Capacitive and Resistive Touch which delivers high contrast, wide viewing angles and excellent touch functionality. Taimates Enterprise well-managed production system is capable of meeting the high quality standards for the medical application customers.

  • - glucose meter
  • - skin measurement meter
  • - heart beat monitor
  • - blood analyzer
  • - thermal meter

Industrial control

Taimates Enterprise designs, manufactures the custom monochrome display and the TFT color display for our industrial customers for their industrial control and measuring device. Our displays can work against the harsh environments in the extreme temperature and humidity which are testified in our climate chamber for thermal sock, vibration, and high humidity of testing criteria. All the display and touch specification can be made all according to customer's requirement.

  • - elevator
  • - weighing scales
  • - heat control
  • - industrial pressure pump
  • - fuel dispenser
  • - thermostats
  • - industrial ventilation
  • - process automation system
  • - smart electricity meter.
Industrial control

Telecom Devices

Taimates Enterprise has experience working with our telecom customers for their new development and emerging technologies. Our display modules have been used part of application of IOT (internet of thing) and HMI (human machine interface) products. Our team highly recommends customers to select our high resolution IPS TFT display combined with multi-touch touch panel to design in their telecommunication end devices

  • - IP phone
  • - DECT phone
  • - RFID warehouse reader
  • - Fiber tester
  • - Hand-held POS
  • - Cash register
  • - Fax machine
  • - Laser printer
  • - payment terminals.

White goods

Nowadays there are more and more electrical home appliance using digital displays in their control interface from the simplified 7 segment display, the graphic mono display, to the high-end TFT touch display. Our engineering team has abundant knowledge working with the white goods customers in Europe and North America such as set top box, coffee maker, thermostats and etc. It's always a huge task to find out the most balanced display solution between cost and performance, where you definitely need our expertise to come up with suitable proposals for this sensitive consumer-oriented application.

  • - food processor/mixer
  • - smart home controller
  • - electrical pressure cooker
  • - set top box
  • - coffee machine
  • - intelligence refrigerator
  • - water purifying system
  • - home security system
  • - entry door phone
  • - high-end sewing machine
Automotive and Aviation

Automotive and Aviation

Taimates Electronic supply good monochrome LCD modules for car audio, climate control unit, digital clusters for the automotive and industrial vehicles customers. We are also capable of providing the color touch display solution, and semi-customization service for different mechanical shape, and touch firmware that works with thicker cover lens, and etc. Our LCD module products ensure the longer-lasting lifetime and reliability for all environments and meet the high-class quality criteria for competitive Automotive and Aviation Industry.

  • - car recorder
  • - head-up display
  • - navigation system
  • - tire pressure monitoring system
  • - car audio system
  • - motorcycle clusters

Consumer Electronics

Taimates Enterprise highly focus on the small sizes of TFT LCD module ranging from 0.96" up to 7.0" that are the main display sizes for consumer electronics product from wearable devices, handheld gaming machines, to digital musical instrument. Taimates Enterprise IPS TFT LCD provides good contrast, color saturation, high resolution, quick response time and super wide viewing angel which takes a significant front face for your consumer electronics product. Our engineering team also provides the quick turn around support in providing all technical support such as 2D drawing, 3D drawing, electrical schematics and etc.

  • - Smart watches
  • - electrical piano
  • - gaming system
Consumer Electronics


responsive and constructive feedback, flexible and accurate design capability


persistence on quality by design system, continuous pursuit on quality improvement


build up stable partnership with customers, establish trusty collaboration in supply chain.


provide the precise judgement in product design, catch up the market pace by technology upgrade.

Joint Venture partnership

Strong partnership with the professional module maker as well as the sub-component suppliers

Full Automatic assembly line

Full automatic machine from glass drop in, IC-boding to FOG piece as one stop assembly.

International quality criteria certified

Strictly ISO-certified quality system and the excellent quality supporting analysis tools

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